Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

OK, let me be totally clear and open about this so there will be NO misunderstanding.

I am an affiliate marketer, meaning I get a percentage of the price from products I sell here. These products are from others. I do a review on that stuff and when you are enthusiastic enough to buy it I will get my fair share for showing it to you.
I love transparency and honesty. So yes, what you will find for sale on this site can be an affiliate link.
Mind you though, I will NOT review stuff I deem useless. So you can be pretty certain it is good enough for your enterprise efforts.

Kind regards,

Boudewijn (the Double Dutch Marketer) Lutgerink

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Your privacy is SACRED to me so that means:

1. I will never sell or give away your information! Period.
2. I will not ever flood your inbox with mails, I will only send out a mailing if I have something relevant to share.

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